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"Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worry about what happened yesterday " Steve Jobs
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What happens when you combine hands-on knowledge of the latest technology with extensive experience of powering the capabilities of leading financial institutions?

SH Labs is the technological core that enables our unique consolidated banking solution to integrate so smoothly with the world’s traditional financial system.

We protects our clients’ data with impregnable defenses while ensuring a frictionless environment in which to develop state-of-art technologies. And we innovate to serve a single purpose: helping our clients’ business move, manage and multiply its digital wealth while mitigating exposure to risk.

Simple, reliable, secure, and cost effective

Technology trends have helped us achieve this goal. Processing and storage costs have reduced dramatically while technology compliance and risk costs have increased. We leverage these trends in our favour, by isolating data from processing, and processing from end user access.

We also use redundancy and replication innovatively to reduce risk. That isolation and redundancy enable us to maintain low risk and stay compliant while also deploying rapid system developments reliable and effectively.

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Stanhope aspires to bring the innovativeness of internet companies with the reliability of finance with the level of security of military applications.

When we see & hear of a new technology we ask, why would anyone spend their time and energy to create this? We, then, test it and if we like what we see, the new technology becomes a candidate to be one of our abilities to bring latest innovation to the use of our clients.

The innovation of e-commerce, the reliability of Tier 1 banking, and the security of military networks.

While we continually equip Stanhope Financial with the latest technologies, we also follow a structured approach towards creating value with them.

  • We start by asking what will make our clients (both internal and external) happy through created value.
  • Then we identify the components required to create that value.
  • Next, we acquire/outsource the components that are readily available in the market.
  • Design and develop the components that will create the differentiated experience.
  • We design and develop the components that will create the differentiated experience
  • Finally, we deliver them quickly. Iterating and enhancing based on user feedback and move onto the next.
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The magic of microservices

Our only prerequisite is the use of microservices. We ringfence our microservices in the most secure way with the relevant tools so we are no longer concerned about the differences in the underlying technology stack so long as the microservice delivers what is demanded from them.

We take a novel approach to using our data assets. We secure and protect all our data in a uniform manner which allows us to keep multiple copies of the same data to be used in parallel by different consumers and multiply the speed of innovation and development.

This way, we can deliver high quality and efficient compliance as a competitive advantage while offering differentiated products to enhanced our clients’ business.


Constant development, seamless deployment

Our infrastructure is, by design, made up of services working together in harmony independently rather than services closely dependent to deliver one single task. We like opensource as well as high quality third party supported technologies. If a technology manages to pass through our assimilation stage then it is fit for serving our clients. Our staged approach evolves and develops with the new market developments and seamlessly supports our innovation.